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Hi, it's been over a year since I last went on dA, and honestly speaking, things have gotten a lot better and... well, things have changed.

I've been diagnosed with severe depression, and I've been taking medicine to go about that. I'm still in University, and turning 21 in a few months time. I've grown a greater passion for games, and have become more of a gamer now, playing The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Simcity, Civilization V, and more. But at the moment, I've grown interest in a particular program called RPGmaker. Been working a bit on it, and was thinking of starting a short new project with it. Might work with a few of my RP characters. Not sure what it'll be about, but I'll try.

Besides that, only thing that's different. For some reason, I saw that I vaguely mentioned making close friends from a game... to which I'm still close to. Just one particular person. Funny thing is, now we're more than best close friends, we're also dating! Before coming to conclusion it is purely internet, we've only really decided to be a couple after meeting in real life, since we both shared the fear that despite hitting it off really well online, doesn't say the same for real life. It came to much surprise to the both of us how well we really hit it off in real life, so much that for the few days I've spent with him in the beginning, it felt like we knew each other since years ago. I mean, we did go on video call everyday for hours, but it was more like we physically fitted with each other? I don't know how to describe it. Now we're pretty much approaching our first anniversary, and though it's not really something that's so much of a big celebration, I just find it amazing and funny.

I've finally found someone who I really love, and care for! I just find it hard to believe... more because I'm a difficult little... thing that has violent mood swings, and suffering those problems like trust and regrets for the past... I have to say, I don't feel them anymore. Or at least, not so often.

Besides me finding it hard to think of myself with someone, I think many of my boyfriend's friends would actually find it hard to think for him too. He was like that guy who never showed romantic interest in a person, or if he did, it hid it so well. It was that kid that people bullied for being a bit chubby, or idk. No life dude. 

Even so... when I met him, I wondered how he had been available since day 1. He's a really amazing person. I believe so anyway. Though, after meeting me, apparently, people around have thought that he's changed a bit. I don't know if for the better, but he thinks so. Less reckless, I've been told. 

It's probably too much or too early to say it feels like we're soulmates, but... it feels like it! Even if we weren't, it just feels like we get along well so great that idk no one else can beat it.


Nothing. Just a pudding & pansu fanatic.

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